MMXV menswear hoodie by Ben Alfy


 Benjamin Alfy was founded late 2014 in a living room, just 1 hour north of Toronto, Ontario. The initial year was funded by a combination of part time work, willing friends (with good fashion taste), and a portion of a student loan. Through hard work, dedication and support from our local community, Benjamin Alfy has grown. 

Alfy is quickly becoming a beacon of the streetwear fashion industry in Toronto. Why? Because people can count on the warm-welcoming customer service provided by a Canadian made company, diligently handcrafted clothing made from richly sourced fabrics from around the world, and a clothing experience uniquely delivered by Alfy garments.


Toronto streetwear by Benjamin Alfy


 We're not only excited about the quality of our streetwear, but also how it's made. Beyond the fabric sourcing (because frankly, some countries just do it better), over 95% of our clothing's processes are done within just 15km of our shop! By working in unity with entrepreneurs in our area, keeping our company locally made is an essential part of our message. 

 With the risk of sounding cheesy, we have one more part of us that needs to be talked about. And that's the best part of us - you 

Every Benjamin Alfy garment that you have purchased, gave us, and continues to give us the opportunity to live our dream jobs. Not only is your order contributing to the growth of our message, but it's also providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow theirs. 

 Thank you very much for your time, attention and care, 


Ben Stevenson 

Founder & Creative Director of Benjamin Alfy